Santa Monica has long been a champion of sustainability and the environment. More recently, the City's award-winning Wellbeing Index gave us new insights into the state of our community. The Design Challenges represent the intersection of these ever-important focus areas.
Check http://open.smgov.net - note that each of the tiles contains links to larger repositories with multiple datasets.
You may directly access our largest data repositories via https://data.smgov.net and https://github.com/CityofSantaMonica.
Explore the Wellbeing Findings in our interactive tool, and view data from Santa Monica's Sustainable City Plan.
Yes - solutions of all types are welcomed so long as they:
  1. incorporate technology in some way
  2. address one (or more) of the Design Challenges
  3. meet the judging criteria (viability, value, and growth outlook)
We encourage all participants to not focus on what the City is looking for, but rather to develop products which the public, such your neighbors, friends, colleagues, and yourself will find beneficial.
If you are interested about City staff priorities, we encourage you to attend any of our upcoming HTB events to interact with subject matter experts from various City departments.
No... although our preference is for submissions to be open source to facilitate growth via the community. See http://choosealicense.com for more information on open source licensing.

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