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{Hack the Beach} is a collaborative effort between the City of Santa Monica, Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, and our partners from the local technology and business sectors. Our talented team of individuals are passionate about technology, and downright fervent about making an impact in our community.

{Hack the Beach} is proud to be the unifying movement for this talented crop of technology professionals.

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The Team

Carl Hansen

Carl Hansen headshot

Director of Government Affairs
Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce

Becky Feldman

Becky Feldman headshot

Director of Events and Programming
Cross Campus

Yvonne Varela

Yvonne Varela headshot

Project Manager - Hack the Beach
City of Santa Monica

Kegan Maher

Kegan Maher headshot

Data Officer
City of Santa Monica

Behrang Abadi

Behrang Abadi headshot

Digital Transformation Manager
City of Santa Monica

Justin Brezhnev

Justin Brezhnev headshot

President & CEO
Hacker Fund

Brian MacMahon

Brian MacMahon headshot

Head Honcho
Expert Dojo

Lisa Parson

Lisa Parson headshot

Project Manager - Office of Civic Wellbeing
City of Santa Monica

Julie Rusk

Julie Rusk headshot

Chief of Civic Wellbeing
City of Santa Monica

Sevil Turner

Sevil Turner headshot

Web Developer
City of Santa Monica

Our Partners

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