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Are you a Silicon Beach rockstar? Are you passionate about your community? Would you like to develop innovative solutions that are relevant both to Santa Monica and cities everywhere?

Go behind the scenes with the experts at City Hall and collaborate with some of the best and brightest technology companies in town to usher in the next generation of local government. We have broad goals to achieve in the areas of community, mobility, and civic engagement. Will you join us?

The Contest: 2017

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{Hack the Beach} is a series of micro-festivals bringing together Santa Monica's best tech innovators with local civic leaders.


We want to work together to explore the big issues facing our community and discuss ways that technology can transform Santa Monica.


{Hack the Beach} is a community, a collaboration of minds and makers, led by an intrepid team of partners.

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The Contest: Inside Edge

Meet subject matter experts from each of the design challenge areas. This is your opportunity to gain an inside edge by crafting some or part of your pitch and project to speak to real issues faced by City leaders. August 2017, exact date TBD.

Location TBD

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